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It's Show Time!

It's Show Time!

Saturday, August 7, 2021 – Sunday, August 8, 2021      

8 a.m. start time        

At Eau Claire Bit and Spur

 10421 W Cameron St, Eau Claire WI       

Rain or Shine!


Come show with us! This show is a great way to qualify for the 2021 WDAA World show!

Recognized WDAA      

WDAA Show ID# 21-193

USEF WD “R” Fatima Pawlenko-Kranz

Entries must be received by July 24th, 2021


(Late entries are an additional $10 per test + additional $25 office fee.

No entries will be accepted after ride times are published.)

No Refunds after closing date

**Copy of current negative Coggins required,

horses without current Coggins will not be allowed on grounds!**



This show will be run following WDAA rules. Each horse/rider combination must stay within 2 levels and a maximum of 4 rides per day.  Management reserves the right to limit entries in the interest of time.  Entries will be accepted on the first received and first paid basis.


Each traditional schooling TOC class is limited to 2 tests per rider.

Entry fee $35 per test.  

Office fee $15 per horse/rider combination for non-members of WDAWI, $5 for members of WDAWI.  


Stalls and shavings may be reserved upon request.  Stalls will be available Friday at 5pm to the end of the show.


$35 per stall per day or $70 per three day weekend or show out of trailer for $15 per day.


NOTE* An additional $25 CLEANED STALL DEPOSIT cash or check must be paid at check-in. Money will be returned at checkout with a cleaned stall inspection. Money will be retained by WDAWI if stall is not cleaned.


$8 per bale of shavings. (Shavings must be purchased on grounds.) 



Camping fee: $35 for the weekend and $50 for the weekend with electric hook-ups; a very limited number available on, first come, first serve basis. 



Ribbons awarded 1st through 4th. 

Weekend champions will be awarded for all WDAA Levels: 

Intro, Basic, Levels I, II, III, IV for competitors showing both days. 

​Lunch stand on show grounds.

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Sunday Classes.jpg
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