New for 2020!

Member high score awards

WDAWI is coming to your corner of the state with member awards!


As part of our state affiliate mission and responsibility to promote western dressage across the state, we will be offering Member High Score Awards in youth, amateur, and open divisions at any WDAA approved show in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. (These states are eligible for our year end high score program as well.) 

The Requirements are simple: 

1. Join WDAA and WDAWI. 

2. Contact WDAWI staff at least 10 days prior to a show you are attending to give us some information. WDAWI staff will do the rest. We will contact the show secretary and send high score awards for the competition. 

Send Show Information to: 

Samantha Essers, Vice President

824 East 11th Street #106, New Richmond, WI 54017


Member Benefits

We hope you will join us in our endeavors to bring more opportunities to learn about and show Western Dressage in Wisconsin by becoming a member of WDAWI.

· Discounts on attendance and participation at select WDAWI events.


Earn WDAWI Awards at all WDAA approved shows in WI, MN, IA, and IL. 

· Eligible to participate in the WDAWI year end awards program by sending in copies of your scored tests at any schooling or approved shows that use WDAA tests and rules.

· Eligibility to earn high scoring member awards at shows.

· Eligibility to attend our annual, members meeting.

· Helping you connect locally with interested riders in your area and helping you advertise clinics or shows at your facility.

How To Become A Member

The Western Dressage Association® of Wisconsin(WDAWI) along with the Western Dressage Association® of America(WDAA) have both adopted a Calendar Year membership from January 1 through December 31.

You are REQUIRED to have a current & active membership with the Western Dressage Association® of America to join WDAWI.  To join WDAA click this link

To become a member of our state affiliate, just fill out the form below. Please be sure to have your WDAA Member Number or your WDAA PayPal Transaction ID from your recent WDAA membership purchase readily available.

If you would rather mail your affiliate payment and form, print the application and follow the instructions. Thank you for your continued support!  We look forward to seeing you!

Print and Mail Options

Print, Fill Out, Mail to address on the form with payment.

Online Fill and Pay Option


To promote western dressage in the state of Wisconsin, and to further the art of horsemanship through education. To recognize outstanding performance in western dressage competition by horses ridden and owned by WDAWI members.  


Division and Levels

A Champion and Reserve will be awarded for each Division and Level.

 All riders in the program will be recognized .

Division: Junior Rider   

Levels: Western Dressage Intro, Basic, WD 1, WD 2, WD 3, WD 4, Traditional Dressage All Levels Combined


Division: Amateur Rider 

Levels: Western Dressage Intro, Basic, WD 1, WD 2, WD 3, WD 4, Traditional Dressage All Levels Combined


Division: Open Rider

Level: Western Dressage Intro, Basic, WD 1, WD 2, WD 3, WD 4, Traditional Dressage All Levels Combined

Division: Exceptional Rider

Level: Coached Walk Only, Coached, Lead Line Walk Only, Lead Line 


Additional Award

Newcomer Western Award: rider in their first year of Western Dressage competition.


*WDAWI may further divide Levels if entries warrant.




1. The rider and owner of the horse must be members in good standing of WDAWI at the time scores are earned. If a horse is leased under a signed lease agreement, the lessee is considered owner for purposes of showing.

2. Championship registration for each horse and rider combination must be postmarked at least 10 days prior to the first show from which they plan to submit scores.

3. A fee of $15.00 for each level must be paid for each horse and rider combination to be eligible for championships.

4. Cross-entering divisions is not allowed.  For the purposes of year-end awards, a rider will only be eligible for one division.

5. The recorder must be notified in writing and fees paid if adding a level later in the year.

6. All registrations are for the current show year January 1st through October 31st. Scores must be submitted and received by the recorder by November 30th.


1. The horse and rider combination must have three qualifying scores from three different judges from two different WDAA and/or schooling shows. 2020 Rule Change: Virtual Scores will be allowed this year. 

2. A minimum of one score must be from an approved WDAA show.

3. A minimum of two scores must be earned within the state of WI. Up to one score may be earned in the state of MN, IA and/or IL. 

4. Submitted scores must be a minimum of 55%.  Scores will be averaged.

           *The minimum score is waived for the Exceptional Rider Division.

5. Submitted scores must be from current year USEF/USDF tests.

6. Except for Newcomer division, at least one test score must be from the highest test of that level, (for example, WDAA Basic Test 4; for Introductory Level Traditional Dressage, the highest test is Intro C). Scores for the Newcomer award may be from any test at that level.

7. Scores must be from judges who are USDF “L” graduates, or WDAA licensed, or USEF “r” or higher.  Scores must be earned from judges who are qualified to judge at that particular level; a.USDF “L” Program Graduate = USDF Introductory thru USEF 2nd Level  b.USEF “r” Recorded Dressage Judge = USDF Introductory thru USEF 2nd Level c.USEF “R” Registered Dressage Judge = USDF Introductory thru USEF 4th Level  d.USEF “S” Senior Dressage Judge = All classes, including USEF Level tests and FEI Level tests.

8. If two or more judges are scoring one ride, the average of their scores will be counted as one score.

9. The rider or owner must send or email to the dressage recorder a “GOOD QUALITY” photocopy or scanned copy of the original test for each qualifying score. The photocopy must clearly state the show name, horse and rider, class, date, judge, score and judge’s signature. The photocopy does not have to include individual movement scores and comments. Riders may submit copies of the USDF Score Report.

10. Scores must be postmarked or emailed on or before November 30th.

11. Receipt of scores will be acknowledged by email unless a self-addressed stamped postcard is included with score sheets or the USDF Score Report.

Mail or email tests to:

Joann Williams

W3580 Scotch Bush Rd

Elkhorn, WI 53121


Awards will be presented at the annual WDAWI General Membership Meeting and Awards Banquet where we will recognize and celebrate the year’s achievements and accomplishments of our competitors and friends.