Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
Sorensen WDAA recognized Midwest Regional Western Dressage & Sorensen Park Championship & USEF WD LITE
W1700 St Peters Rd
Sorensen September Schooling Show
W1700 St Peters Rd
Sorensen October Schooling Show
W1700 St Peters Rd
Halloween Spooktacular Indoor Dressage Schooling Show
Circle E Equestrian Stables Llc

wDAWI 2020 Events


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Member Kudos

Highlighting Accomplishments of our Members

Members: We are always looking for you to share your accomplishments and achievements. Whether it's an award or a personal goal, we want to hear about it. Just drop us an email (wdawi2018@gmail.com) with a description and a picture if you have one and we'd love to post it! 

Courtesy of WDAA


Kudos to WDAWI member Joann Williams and her horse Gallod Ffantastic, "Worf" on their achievement of the WDAA Horse Lifetime Points and Awards top honor: Supreme Champion. Great work!

~June 2019

What is western dressage?

Courtesy of WDAA

Western Dressage integrates the historically validated principles of Dressage with the best of Western Working Horse tradition.  It is a systematic and progressive system of training for the Western horse and rider, in the traditional stock tack with the purpose of enjoying a safe, pleasurable, versatile and useful working horse. Whether your ultimate goal is in the show pen, barrel racing, ranch work or trail riding; discover the benefits of Western Dressage in the development of your horse and your partnership.


We are the official Wisconsin Affiliate of the Western Dressage Association® of America, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, founded in 2018. 



Western Dressage Association® of Wisconsin's mission is to build an equine community that combines the Western traditions of horse and rider with Classical Dressage. WDAWI strives to provide an educational and competitive environment that is accessible and inclusive to all levels of riders and horses. Our mission follows the guiding principles of Western Dressage Association® of America which states:

We honor the horse.
We value the partnership between horse and rider.
We celebrate the legacy of the American West.


As a 501c(3) non-profit, WDAWI seeks sponsors each year to help support our educational events and our horse shows.  We encourage our members and all equine enthusiasts  to patronize them for continuing to support the love of the horse!

We Thank Our Sponsors

The Current Board


Brenda Levine

President / Co-Treasurer


Samantha Essers

Vice President / Co-Treasurer


Kari Wegenke

Secretary / Co-Treasurer

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