It's Virtual Show  Time!

Friday, May 22nd - Thursday, June 4th, 2020

Recognized WDAA Show and  Traditional dressage schooling classes

WDAA Show ID#20-122

USEF WD “R” Judge: Fatima Pawlenko-Kranz

Entry and Testing Window May 22nd-June 4th, 2020

Videos must by uploaded by midnight June 4th


This show will be run following WDAA rules. Each horse/rider combination must stay within 2 levels and a maximum of 4 rides per day.  Management reserves the right to limit entries in the interest of time. Entries will be accepted on the first received and first paid basis.

Entry fee $25 per test.  Office fee $10 per horse/rider combination for non-members of WDAWI, $5 for members of WDAWI.  Click here for entry form at the bottom of the page


Ribbons awarded 1st through 4th. 

High Score and High Point

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General Rules

Submitting your Video for Judging:

Submitting your video for judging is easy.  Simply use whichever file share service/ upload service (also known as Cloud Drive) that you prefer and send us a shareable link in an email to   Please BE SURE to say “submitting video for June show (or whichever show you are submitting a video for) in the subject line so your video will get routed to the correct show and judge.   You may use YouTube, Dropbox, or Google Drive to name only a few as examples of file share services available for you to use.


Equipment and attire are simple!  Fancy, expensive clothes or tack are not necessary.


Western Dressage: Legal attire can be as simple as jeans, western type shirt and western type boots, and a cowboy hat.  An ASTM SEI approved riding helmet is also correct and does not need to be of western type.  A simple western saddle and western type bridle with a simple snaffle bit are correct and legal for ALL levels of Western Dressage.  A Hackamore (Bosal) is permitted on a horse of any age at any level.


Classical Dressage:  An ASTM SEI approved riding helmet is required.  For a schooling show both informal attire or the more formal attire (As seen in regular USEF recognized shows) are both acceptable.  Informal attire consists of:  Riding breeches, usually of white or light color, with boots, jodhpur boots with half chaps are acceptable. Shirts can be short or long sleeved.  If a show coat is worn it is recommended to also wear neckwear.  T-shirts, tank tops, or shirts that are loose/flap in the wind are not recommended.


All equipment must comply with USEF rules.

For Western Dressage classes see USEF Rulebook Western Dressage rules.  SUBCHAPTER WD-5 APPOINTMENTS WD 121, 122, 123.

For Classical Dressage see USEF rulebook Dressage DR rule 120 and 121.


Important notes:

          1.Tying a horse’s tongue down in any way is prohibited and will result in elimination.

          2. A saddle must be used in both Classical Dressage or Western dressage videos.  No bareback riding is         


          3. Ear nets are permitted.

          4. Side reins, running reins, or martingales of any kind are NOT ALLOWED.

          5. All boots or bandages are NOT ALLOWED.

          6. Fly masks are NOT ALLOWED.

 It's simple, 

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